Evolution Time

Mind Programming

All started with a simple question.

Who am I trully?

My expansive curiosity has literally overturned my existence. Everything I thought I knew as the true story, everything about who am I, was not complete. It was totally incomplete! This is how my life has taken a new direction – I want to know more about my self, explore and experience the true life and the true Me!

As you all can imagine, it is about observing an invisible world. It is like observing a God, this does not mean it’s impossible.

I had realized from the first research that my life was based on illusions. Why? Simple! Since birth, I have been programmed to think and to experience life in a certain way. I have received a mind programming that I figure out growing up that is not how I am, it is not the definition of my true self.

I will give you some examples so you can understand better of what I am trying to say.

 Example 1:

Observe a newborn child! A small creature that will create his personality based on what he will see, what you will teach him, indirectly and directly. He will create his personality and the way to rationalize him self with the life based on the “ Program“ which is given to him in observation. He will take for true everything he see in an unconscious way. As a computer when you are installing a new software in the same way our brain is installing models of thinking and behavior.  So, think carefully before placing your child in front of a television.

Maybe you’re watching a news source, but most of the time all news are based on “Braking News” propaganda and dramatic news mostly in a negative way. Information´s that this little innocent creature will unknowingly absorb. It will grow with a vision of negative life and he will predispose himself to destruction, pain and suffering! Maybe its not even the true story… FAKE NEWS is presented more and more as TRUE!

Example 2:

A friend of you is visiting you and starts talking about her problems with her husband. She tells you that her husband is an alcoholic and has an aggressive behavior towards her. In the same room there is also your child who is in his first years of his life. Do you know what? Another program has been inserted into the child’s mind. Now this child, growing up, will unknowingly draw experiences like aggression and alcohol in his life. Growing up, he will not even remember why his life manifests this kind of experiences.

What about you? What kind of information’s are you sharing with your child? Is it healthy information?

Think twice when you talk at the phone or with a friend or you just doing something. Try to be a good example and share healthy and creative information’s. If you want a better world is time for action. Act with love.


I became aware that my behavior in life was a program that I have absorbed since my birth and all the information that I had, are not necessarily my experience or even more; its not necessarily true information.

We are much more than we can imagine!

We are creatures of a infinite potential! We are special, each of us!

If you do not know it yet, start to observe this information. From the moment you start observing this probability you will immediately notice changes in you, in your life. You will start to love and accept your self and others just the way they are. Everything will rise more clearly, and your life will not be as it was before.

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