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Hey there,

I will tell you how my expansive curiosity has literally overturned my existence in the last past years.
Everything I thought I knew as the true story, everything about life about who am I, I found out that was maybe not true. This is when my life has taken a new direction, I wanted to know more about my self, explore my mind deeply and experience the true life and the true Me! I was thirsty of knowledge and sow I started to read different kind of books, from spirituality to science, from philosophy to psychology, more i was reading more i wanted to know.

I was finally getting back my awareness, be more present and aware of
my existence in the daily life. I changed completely my self and my life style to be honest. I finally became who i really wanted to be, me.

Have you ever thought about how our our brain works?How what we see around us can influence our behavior, our thoughts and emotions? Let me tell you something, it’s much simple than you think it is. You may heard many times that our brain is like a computer, a storage of memories and information’s. Well those memories and information’s that we receive daily (directly and indirectly) have a big impact on our life’s. Did you know that? How we store those information’s? True our eyes!
Just like a photo-camera whenever we close our eyes we push the click button and we save that image. Now, take a moment and think about how many click you pushed since you where born? How many information’s you download consciously and inconciouly specially when you where a little
child. Let me tell you, way to many. And you know what? Probably in this way you created who you are today. Your fears, your thoughts, your personality and emotions they are the result of what you download through the years.

I had realized from the first research that my life was based on illusions. Why?


Since birth, I have been programmed to think and to experience life
in a certain way. I have received a mind programming that I figure out growing up that is not who I am, it is not the definition of my true self.

Allow me to give you some examples so you can understand better of what I am trying to share.

Observe a newborn child! A small creature that will create his personality based on what he will see, what you will teach him, directly and indirectly.
He will create his personality and the way to rationalize him self with the life
based on the “Program“ which is given to him in observation.
He will take for true everything he see in an unconscious way.
As a computer when you are installing a new software in the same way our brain is installing models of thinking and behavior. So, think carefully before placing your child in front of a television. Most of times, we just drop them there, it’s an easy way to do our stuff without being disturbed. Sometimes maybe you’re the one watching a movie or news source, but most of the time all news are based on “Braking News” propaganda and dramatic, let’s don’t talk about the movie we are watching at. That baby is steel the room with you. All those information´s this little innocent creature will subconciously absorb. He will grow up with maybe a vision of negative life and probably he will predispose himself to destruction, pain and suffering!


A friend of you is visiting and starts talking about her problems with her husband. Let’s say that she tells you that her husband is an alcoholic and has an aggressive behavior towards her. Let’s say that in the same room there is also your child who is in his first years of his life. Do you know what? Another program has been inserted into the child’s mind. Now probably this child, growing up, will again subconsciously draw experiences like aggression and alcohol in his life. Growing up, he will not even remember why his life manifests this kind of experiences.
I know i am little bit dramatic but i want to show you a reality that most of the times we don’t consider.

And what about you?
What kind of information are you sharing with your child? It’s healthy information?
Try to think twice when you talk at the phone or with a friend or you just doing
something and a child is around. Try to be a good example and share healthy and creative information’s not only with your children but also when you are outdoors be a good example.

If we want a better world is time for action and a bit of awareness. Be kind.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and maybe I made you reflect a little bit.

If you have any questions or you see any mistakes 😀 please let me know.

Have a great day

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