Hello there, I'm Elena

Elena Stir

Enthusiast Travel

Oslo - Norway

+(47) 413 69 112

What I`m up to?

  • I live life with joy and gratitude.
  • I create the combination of truth, love, faith and happiness in my reality and those around me.
  • I tune in to the frequency of the positive energy field.
  • I am fully aware that everything around me is a reflection of myself.
  • I try to give with love what I want to receive.
  • I create with mindfulness my life.
  • I try my best to create a better world.
  • I dream in a better world and i know one day this dream will become true :).
  • I paint trought the language of my soul.
  • I consciously use my thoughts to create peace, love, happiness in me, and then manifest them in the outer world or physical world. I insert consciously thoughts into myself, and channel on the frequency of energy I want to experiment. That’s why I live centered on positive energy, unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness becouse it`s what i want to receive. The spiritual evolution that I live day by day of which I speak is precisely this: I allow myself to exist through love. I allow myself to live my true potential a marvelous life, seizing everything I need to grow and become a better human being. Every second becomes an opportunity to change my life.Yes I CAN!

My Coach

I want to give my gratitude to the person that had realize one of my biggest dreams. Thank you, Olaf Rudolfsen, for creating this website, a place where I can share my knowledge and experiences.

Thank you, Olaf, for being a wonderful coach and amazing friend. Thank you for realising this dream for me. I hug you and wish you the best.

Olaf Rudolfsen, Film Director, Photographer, Webdesigner and much more.